After some wrestling within myself, I have desired to leave Facebook behind, at least until April 4. It is not impossible that I will stay away from it even beyond that date. I realize that this is disappointing to some of my good friends and family members who frequent the social network. There are reasons both for and against me staying on Facebook. Here is my list of pros and cons of Facebook:


  • Keeping in touch with friends, and knowing what they had for dinner.
  • Communicating with several people at once (oh, wait… I can do that with a carbon copied email.)
  • Announcing updates to my blog
  • Sharing links (of course I can do that with my blog, but it has a lot fewer visitors than my Facebook page.)


  • It is a huge distraction and time consumer.
  • All the tiresome invitations to be part of virtual farming, mafia wars and vampiric clans. Seriously?
  • Temptation to check FB every hour of the day.
  • The tendency for me to literally use Facebook as a “face,” i.e. put on a certain mask in order to present myself the way I would like to be perceived. This just tends to feed my ego and vanity.
  • Makes me care and worry about things I have never needed to know before (like what such-and-such are doing right now.)
  • Did I mention it is a time consumer?

Don’t misunderstand me, I love Facebook. A little too much. I have found myself reaching for my cellphone first thing in the morning, to check which statuses have been updated during the night. Pretty pathetic. Needless to say, at the very least I need a fast from Facebook. Quite possibly permanent abstinence.

For you still on Facebook, I hope we can stay in touch via email and my blog. Take care, and forgive me for abandoning you.