Wow… So many amazing hymns and prayers in church tonight. Here is one of my favorites:

Icon of the Sunday of Orthodoxy (First Sunday of Great Lent)

Doxastikon, Tone 2

“The grace of truth has shone forth upon us; the mysteries darkly prefigured in times of old have now been openly fulfilled. For behold, the Church is clothed in beauty that surpasses all things earthly, through the icon of the incarnate Christ that was foreshadowed by the ark of testimony. This is the safeguard of the Orthodox faith; for if we hold fast to the icon of the Savior whom we worship, we shall not go astray. Let all who do not share this faith be covered with shame; but we shall glory in the icon of the Word made flesh, which we venerate but do not worship as an idol. So let us kiss it, and with all the faithful cry aloud: O God, save Thy people and bless Thine inheritance.”