As it is not the Orthodox tradition to have Sunday schools during Liturgy, where we rid ourselves of our children for the sake of our own religious experience, I found the following excerpt to be useful. It is an excerpt from a book called “Children in the Church Today – An Orthodox Perspective” by Sister Magdalen.

Children at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

“Children should not be over-burdened by too long a prayer-time at home, or by being taken to every church service because the parents would like to attend. We would not wish our children to give in to laziness about attending church, but if they see church as a boring obligation, they are likely to revolt against it.

It is impossible to give a general rule about the number of church services children should attend. Every case needs thought and prayer, and the guidance of a spiritual father. The main thing to realize is that Christian parents should not feel guilty if they have to attend church less often than they would like, for the sake of their children who have not the same spiritual measure as they have. We must not blame or resent our children; we must accept it as being for their long-term good – for their salvation. In many cases, parents who have accepted this feel more close to God, taste more often His grace, than when they were neglecting their family to attend church services several times a week, or bringing their children too often. Our children’s life becomes our life: this is our kenosis (self-emptying or self-giving) as parents, and it will bring grace from God. ‘There is a time for everything’; when are children are independent we will have more time to attend services.”