“You have seen the prosphora, the holy bread used for the Divine Liturgy, and you know what is stamped on the prosphora. Around a Cross an inscription reads: ‘IC XC NIKA.’ This means: ‘Jesus Christ, Victory.’ If Christ is in us, victory is in us, victory over all adverse powers, visible and invisible, over any ill will that might appear in our heart, over any bitterness, over any fear, and over any darkness that might creep into our mind or our body.

If the world troubles you, know that within you is the One who is stronger than the world. Just as He once told His Apostles; ‘Do not be afraid, I have overcome the world.’ Believe that the Lord Jesus has truly entered into your heart through Holy Communion and believe that he has overcome the entire world and all that is in the world. If fear grips you for any reason, quickly enter into your heart with your mind and pronounce these words a few times: ‘Jesus Christ is victorious.'”

– St. Nicholai of Zicha, from the Sunday bulletin of Holy Theophany Church in Colorado Springs, CO.