“So just as He received the body, the Lord proceeds and sits down above at the right hand of the majesty in the highest, and now changes and will translate the believing souls and those deserving of God into His kingdom, giving birth to them above by his Spirit. This is just as the Lord said, ‘The one who believes in me will be transferred from death to life.’ For those who believe in truth and abide in the earth serve the Lord above in heaven, and He Himself seated above on the throne of His majesty sits down upon the souls of His saints as thrones. For they are parts of His body, all the assembly of the saints, and He Himself is the head of the church. for just as one soul is in all the body, and each part of the body is indwelled by the one soul, so all the saints live in the spirit of divinity and are indwelled by Him, and each part lives in the natural essence and in the divine soul.

And so as the body, through the hand or the foot or the eye, causes the man to be blamed, so also the soul apart from the heavenly soul and the divine spirit is incomplete and blameworthy, being unworthy of the kingdom. For if a man is not, it is said, born from above, he is not able to enter into the kingdom of God.”

– From St. Macarius’ Nativity Homily (shamelessly quoted from Dn. Marty Watt’s website: http://www.wattfamily.org/macariushomily.html)