“What, then, is the dwelling place that the Logos inhabited? Listen to the prophet who says, ‘I will raise up the dwelling place of David that had fallen.’ (Amos 9:11). Our nature had truly fallen, and had fallen with an incurable fall, and our nature needed only that powerful hand. For the only way to raise it up was for the one who had shaped it in the beginning to stretch out a hand to it and shape it perfectly all over again through the rebirth of water and the Spirit. And here is the awesome and hidden mystery: the Logos inhabits his dwelling forever, for the Logos put on our flesh, never to lay our flesh down again but to have our flesh with him for ever. If this were not so, the Logos would not have judged our nature worthy of the royal throne, nor would the Logos, while wearing our nature, have been worshiped by the whole army above, angels, archangels, thrones, principalities, dominions and powers. What words can express such glory, what thought can express this great honour, so truly marvellous and awe- inspiring, that was bestowed on our human race? What angel or archangel could express it? No one anywhere, in heaven or on earth, could do it. For God’s works are great, and God’s kindnesses are so mighty and marvellous that an accurate description of them is beyond not only the human tongue but even an angel’s power. We too, therefore, shall stop talking for a while and be silent. For all of this let us give thanks to the God who loves humanity, nor only through our words but much more through our actions, so that we might obtain the good of the future life.”

– St. John Chrysostom, Homily 11:15-16 on the Gospel of John