Troparion and Kontakion for our Father among the Saints Ansgar, Enlightener of Denmark and Sweden (February 3)


Troparion – Tone 4

Ever moved by love for God and man, / O Ansgar, like the apostles thou didst journey afar / to bring salvation to the benighted, / offering up thine afflictions upon the altar of thy heart, / in thy toils and distresses / bearing witness unto thy Savior like a martyr, / enduring perils on land and at sea for His sake, / undaunted by temptations and tribulations. /// Wherefore, pray with boldness that our souls be saved.


Kontakion – Tone 6

Throughout the North the heathen raged, / clinging to the emptiness of idolatry, / assembling together against Christ and His Church. / But the valiant Ansgar broke asunder the bonds of false belief / and freed the Danes and Swedes from demonic oppression, / giving their lands to God for His inheritance, / even the uttermost parts of the earth for His possession. / Wherefore, in the fear of the Lord and with trembling /// they served Him, rejoicing, in Orthodox manner.