“The spirit of obedience is necessary not only in monks but in everyone else, too. Even the Lord was obedient. The proud and those who are a law unto themselves prevent the indwelling of grace and therefore never know peace of soul; whereas the grace of the Holy Spirit enters with ease into the soul of the obedient, bringing joy and quiet.”

– St. Silouan of Athos

“If anyone really in truth desires the Will of God with all his heart, God never leaves him to himself but always guides him according to His Divine Will. If a man really set his heart upon the Will of God, God will enlighten a little child to tell that man what is His Will. But if a man does not truly desire the Will of God, even if he goes in search of a prophet, God will put into the heart of the prophet a reply like the deception in his own heart.”

– St. Dorotheos of Gaza

Prayer for finding a Spiritual Father:

“O Lord, who desirest not the death of a sinner but that he should turn and live, Thou who didst come down to earth in order to restore life to those lying dead through sin and in order to make them worthy of seeing Thee the true light as far as that is possible to man, send me a man who knows Thee, so that in serving him and subjecting myself to him with all my strength, as to Thee, and in doing Thy will in his, I may please Thee the only true God, and so that even I, a sinner, may be worthy of Thy Kingdom.”

– St. Symeon the New Theologian

St. Arsenius & Elder Paisius the Athonite