“If recompense is bestowed according to the measure of love for God, and if the man who loves the Son is loved of Him and of His Father and becomes the dwelling place of Both, and They mystically abide and walk in him, as it is recorded in the Master’s Gospel, who, then, will love Him more than His Mother? For, He was her only-begotten Son, and moreover she alone among women gave birth knowing no spouse, so that the love of Him that had partaken of her flesh might be shared with her twofold. And who will the only-begotten Son love more than His Mother, He that came forth from her ineffably without a father in this last age even as He came forth from the Father without a mother before the ages’? How indeed could He that descended to fulfill the Law not multiply that honor due to His Mother over and above the ordinances of the Law?”

“Who can tell of your mighty acts, O Virgin, or who can show forth all your praise, O holy Maid? You bear the title of Mother of God. You united your nous with God. You have joined God with flesh. You have made God the Son of Man, and man the Son of God. You have reconciled the world to its Creator.”

– St. Gregory Palamas