“Whenever in your path you find unchanging peace, beware: you are very far from the divine paths trodden by the weary feet of the saints. For as long as you are journeying in the way to the city of the Kingdom and are drawing nigh the city of God, this will be a sign for you: the strength of the temptations that you encounter. And the nearer you draw nigh and progress, the more temptations will multiply against you. (…) But if a man’s soul has an infirmity and has not strength enough for great temptations, and she therefore asks that she should not enter into them, and God hearkens to her, then know for a certainty that inasmuch as the soul is insufficient for great trials, in the same measure is she insufficient for great gifts; and in so far as great temptations are prevented from entering upon the soul, to the same degree great gifts are withheld from her. For God does not grant a great gift without a great trial.”

– St. Isaac the Syrian