“Withering under the shadow of pagan ignorance, like plants the Swedes strove toward the bright effulgence of knowledge divine; and to the Christian realm they dispatched emissaries, seeking a wise husbandman to graft them onto the Tree of Life. Wherefore, the fearless Ansgar set forth most eagerly to illumine them with the grace of God, and having braved perils and death during his journey, he revealed to them the path to immortality, baptizing them in the name of the All-holy Trinity, and making them steadfast in the one true Faith. And having attained unto the mansions of heavens, he watcheth over the peoples of Scandinavia with the eye of his lovingkindness, unceasingly entreating Christ God in their behalf.”

 – Doxasticon from Aposticha of Vespers, Tone III,  for St. Ansgar (Feb 3rd)