This hymn to the Holy Hierarch Ansgar (February 3) occurs in the ancient liturgical books used in the Swedish Church at Uppsala.


Ansgari, pater optime,
Errantes nos in devio,
Reduc tuo juvamine
Servans sub Christi gremio.

Danis et Suecis gratiae
Donum fidemque praedicas
Pugil fortis in acie
Gentes Deo sanctificas.

Notam facis incredulis,
Doctrinan evangelicam,
Lucem ministrans populis
Ducis in viam coelicam.

Bonus pastor viriliter
Gregern pascis dominicum,
Informans, quod veraciter
Christuin colat magnificum.

Prudens talenta gratiae
Cum lucri magnitudine
Adduces regi gloriae
In pacis pulchritudine.

Deo patri sit gloria
Ejusque soli Filio,
Cum spiritu Paraclito
In sempiterna saecula.


The following represents an attempt to reproduce the original metro in English.


Most noble father, Anskar,
Restore us by thy grace,
And those who wander now afar
In Christ’s own bosom place.

In holy strife contending
Thou didst the faith proclaim
To Danes and Swedes declaring
The honour of His name.

An unbelieving nation
From thee the light receives,
The teachings of salvation,
It now with joy believes.

Thou to God’s sheep hast given
The food they fain would claim,
And earnestly hast striven
To glorify His name.

To the great King thou bringest
When earthly strife doth cease,
The talents thou receivest,
With manifold increase.

To Father, and His only Son
Be laud and honour given
To Holy Spirit, Three in One
In earth and highest heaven.


St. Ansgar, Enlightener of Scandinavia