“I have miserably bowed down to the pleasures of the body becoming wholly enslaved to the demons that provoke the passions. I have become a stranger to Thee, O Lover of mankind. But now I cry with the voice of the Prodigal: I have sinned, O Christ, despise me not, for Thou alone are merciful.

I do not dare look up at the height of heaven, O King of all: I cry out: I have sinned; for in my foolishness, I alone have angered Thee, rejecting Thy commandments. Therefore, only Good One, do not cast me away from Thy presence.

At the prayers of the apostles, martyrs and prophets, the holy saints and the righteous, O Christ my Lord, forgive me all the offenses which have provoked Thee to anger in Thy goodness, and I shall sing Your praises for evermore.”

From the Canon of the Prodigal Son, Ode 7