By the grace of God, I am a Priest in the Holy Orthodox Church. I am married to my beautiful Matushka Theodora, with whom I have two children Tuva (“Anna”) and Theodor. Despite the fact that this blog is devoted to theology, I am not intending it to be a place for scholars. If you are an academic you will probably find my posts simplistic and lacking. The reason for this is that I hope for my posts to be relevant to people living real lives – whether they are laypeople or clergy – and not just for “armchair theologians.” Theology, in the Orthodox sense, is not an exercise of the mind, but of the heart – it is a struggle of prayer and repentance. Most of the blogposts are therefore meant to be prayerfully contemplated, not academically dissected. You will find that the majority of the posts simply are quotes from our Holy Fathers. Regardless of the reason you have found your way to my blog, may our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ bless you in your spiritual journey!
In Christ,
Fr. Andreas

22 Responses to “About”

  1. Wayne (Friend of Jeff M.) Says:

    My wife googled “why do orthodox priests go and bless individual homes” and your blog came up 3rd on the list! Fr A. came tonight and blessed our home and we’ll be catchumen in a couple of Sundays! Greetings to all the seminarians from Holy Theophany. I still draw upon things you told me when you gave me the tour there last August.

    1. Andreas Blom Says:

      Glory to God! I am glad to hear that your journey is progressing, and may God give you His choicest blessings as you enter into the catechumenate. It is such a blessing to be remembered in prayer in the Divine Liturgy, as you will be as a catechumen. It makes an enormous difference.

  2. I am liking your blog very much.

    1. Glad to hear it, Father.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful website father!

    Barnabas (STS Class of 1999)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Your website should be posted on Facebook like Fr. Stephen Freeman. I would introduce it to many people through that medium.

    Barnabas (STS Class of 1999)

    1. You are probably right. However, I did actually log off from Facebook the last time a year and a half ago. If you want to post links to the blog from your FB page, go right ahead. I am grateful that you find the blog helpful. May God bless you.

  5. Keaston Says:

    Hello Fr Andreas,

    I heard you were in Colorado Springs recently. I would have loved to had you over for dinner and caught up. I would love to discuss life with you next time you are in town, or any time you are available. Give my love to your wife and children.

    1. Still here until Sunday… 🙂

      1. Keaston Says:

        As in, you just left yesterday? I didn’t check back to see if you responded! I assumed I would receive an email of your response to my posting!

        Well, I’m sorry I missed you, and hope to catch you next time.

      2. Keaston Says:

        Really and truly, I was genuinely hoping to catch you. I stopped by the Holy Theophany last week with the off-chance hope that I might run into you.

  6. Kerstin Eklöf Says:

    Nice to se you have a blog! My husband found it when reading about orthodoxy. We are beginning to search more in the historical churches.We´ll see where it takes us. Thanks for sharing about yur way to the orthdox church at “Gäst och främling”, interesting!
    May you and your family be blessed!
    greetings from Kerstin

    1. Hejsan Kerstin! Kul att se att du hittat hit. Må Herren välsigna och vägleda er i det att ni söker er närmre honom och hans Kyrka.

      f. Andreas

  7. Jonathan Says:

    Väldigt bra blogg Fr Andreas! Du har lyfter verkligen fram många godbitar i ortodoxin och Kristus.

    Jag läste om din konvertering på Mikael Fälthammar’s blogg, och har en fråga (kanske fler) till dig, om du har tid. Har du en mejladress jag kan skriva till? Vill du inte ge ut den på bloggen kan du alltid sända ett mejl till mig först!

    I kristi kärlek

    1. Jag skickade dig ett mejl. Hör av dig så får vi se om jag kan vara till hjälp.

  8. Anthony Says:

    Bless Father.
    Simplicity is the heart of God.
    Thank you for your blog.
    I am Orthodox laity, struggling through my days in the midst of the Fathers. Your blog is now part of that journey.
    In Christ,

    1. Servant of God Anthony,

      May God bless you and aid you in your struggle. I pray that the words of the Fathers will be a guiding light and comfort – despite the fact that they are many times “uncomfortable.”

      In Christ,
      The unworthy priest Andreas

      1. Anthony Says:


        It is when they are ‘uncomfortable’ that they are most important and thus more comforting.

        Where would we be as His servants without the uncomfortable comforting words of His saints?

        It was the Desert Fathers that brought me to Faith, and it is the desert within I seek to find peace – through their help.

        Thank you once again, as I do not have a Spiritual Father, though I seek one, and it is healing to share with you.

        In Christ,

  9. Kevin Says:

    Father Andreas,

    I want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog. It warms my heart and guides my steps.

    In Christ,


  10. mauiflis Says:

    Aloha, Fr Andreas!

    I live on Maui with my husband, and have been without a church most of the time we’ve been here (13 years). A mission was attempted long ago, (we gave it our all – we were thoroughly involved) but it failed. There’s another effort afoot now…we pray for some things to be done differently, in hopes that it will grow. But God has been incredibly close to us and good to us in our little island “wilderness.” We’ve been amazed again and again at the ways He’s moved in our lives, helped us to feel His presence, to learn more of His mother and her closeness…. We also have made a point to attend Divine Liturgy for Pascha on the Big Island twice, (it costs hundreds of dollars to fly RT each time, or we’d go far more often) as well as visiting our original church in Vermont whenever we can visit there (too rarely).

    So you might imagine how much I thirst for good Orthodox input, teaching, enlightenment.

    I recently became curious about what had become of the gifts of the Magi. What a delight to search, and to so quickly find your reprinting of the information on “What happened to the gifts of the Magi?” Thank God for the internet! There is so much more available than just a few years ago. I followed the link you provided to Heiromonk Job’s website. Between the two of you, I could be reading for days. This is a good thing.

    I’ll sign up for your blog. This is just the perfect level of information I need. I’m always yearning to learn more, but am not a true scholar. I depend on the scholarly efforts of others, and then of people like you to put it into simple terms for me. Your description of your purpose, above, was music to my ears. You provide plenty for me to ponder and grow on. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! May God bless you and your dear family in the coming year. May I ask where you all reside?

    1. Dear sister in Christ (I did not see your name anywhere),

      The blessing of Theophany be upon you and your family! Unfortunately, since I was assigned a parish I have not had much time to add to my old personal blog, but you are more than welcome to glean from any information or posts on our parish website. I serve as the priest at Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church in Ashland, OR. It is a growing mission (we currently have around 40-45 people on any given Sunday) situated in the beautiful Rogue Valley. Our parish website is

      In Christ,
      Fr. Andreas

  11. mauiflis Says:

    I forgot to sign my name? Yikes. Sorry. I’m Felicity Backman. Husband is Joel. 3 grown kids, one of them living on Maui near us w/ her husband and our 7 year old grandson. Your church website is lovely and full of information. I’ll certainly check it out further. Blessings on the mission there. If we ever get to OR, we’ll try to come for a service!
    Felicity backman

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